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APRS’ voluntary work group arose from the realization that it was time for our Association, which has been developing so much scientifically, to take care of this aspect so important for the collective Mental Health of us all, because doing good is good, for those who do and for those who receive it. In such difficult times as these we are experiencing, in which solidarity and empathy are both so needed and so scarce, we had the idea of creating this group and unite with like-minded people! Thus, in May 2020 “Friends of APRS” was born, formed with the certainty that ¨together we are stronger¨, we invited some institutions to join us, and thus, the group was created. To be a voluntary worker is to donate, among other things, time and energy, it is to be humane… it is to be a part of the solution, for understanding that, united, we can face our problems. Today, AGAFAPE, AVESOL, PONTO ONLINE and ROTARY are all working with us, all of which we greatly thank for believing and joining us in this path.

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